How to use

Step 1 – Before the tool can identify rootstocks for you to consider, it seeks information through a series of multiple choice options/questions about your site characteristics and the rootstock attributes that you would like to have for your vineyard. It is useful to consider the soil characteristics and climate of your site and what scion variety/(ies) you might want to plant prior to looking for a suitable rootstock(s), although it is not essential for the operation of the tool.

Step 2 – Once the Rootstock Selector Tool has identified rootstocks that match with your selected site characteristics and requirements, you can find more information about each rootstock by clicking initially on the ‘Show/hide details’ icon then on the ‘Information about all attributes for this rootstock’ tab which is located at the end of the information provided under ‘Show/hide details.

Step 3 – Prior to ordering planting material, discuss the rootstock choices that the Rootstock Selector Tool has identified, by speaking to your grapevine nursery specialist, local viticulturists and the purchasing winery.